Chinese Drywall Inspections

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Historically, builders used drywall (sheetrock, gypsum board, or wallboard) that was manufactured in the United States for residential construction. However, during the construction-boom years of 2002–2007, a shortage of domestic drywall forced many builders to purchase products that were manufactured in China.

Imported drywall from China is usually found in homes built between 2004 and 2007, around the time of the building boom and post-hurricane reconstruction. It was discovered in late 2008 that imported Chinese Drywall was the cause of many concerns for homeowners. Exposed electrical wiring and copper water-supply lines can turn black and deteriorate, HVAC systems can experiencing breakdowns due to corrosion of the coils and electrical connections in some household appliances can deteriorate, causing failure of the appliance.

These components that can be affected by the imported Chinese drywall are hidden from a home inspector's visual inspection. Electronic equipment in the home, copper tubing inside of air handlers, and wiring inside the receptacles require a more invasive inspection. Contact HomeTeam today to learn more about Chinese Drywall Inspections.

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